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Jarred 02-11-2014 11:28 PM

ISPM5 features - few questions from ISPM4' user

I would like to asked you for few things:

1. why Admin (without crown) cannot access to Cron scheduler? Superadmin can, simple user can, but admin cannot?
It's quite important, because common situation is that superuser (admin with crown) is someone from server housing company and I as admin without crown is the "true" owner of all this stuff, who have several users (customers). Because I am the one who sets the common functionality (backups, cron scheduling etc.) I have to acces to Cron scheduler. I can disable Cron for common users (and I will do this), but after that I am not able to manage theirs Crons any more.
This is huge problem - I guess - for many of your customers. We are not superusers, we are just admins, but we need to manipulate with all the key functions and also we must have the options to disable these functions for common users (and e.g. let them just manage theirs mail).

2. If I disable handling with backups (scheduling, backuping etc.) for common users, will ISPM5 still be generate errors like "Failed to run function xxx: Permission denied" as ISPM4 does?

Thank you for info.

fly 02-12-2014 08:34 AM


1. Admin (without crown) unlike common users and super admin is not a system user. What is why admin (without crown) can't access to any system things, like cron, file manager.

2. Error "Failed to run function xxx: Permission denied" appears when, for example, ssl is on for user's www domain. But after that ssl was not allowed for this user. In this case there is error Permission denied during backuping.
ISPmanager 5 don't let you disable, for example, ssl for user if one of more web domains already use ssl.

Jarred 02-12-2014 02:35 PM


OK, I understand. It's little bit weird for me (I still think that there is a gap between admin and superadmin rights), but ok.

Let me asked for another thing.
Imagine following situation. How ISPM5 handles it?

I am not admin no more, now I am superadmin (with crown). I can manage everything. But I want to be the only one, who can manage everything. So I will disable all modules for common users, except mail boxes - because I want to let the users manage their mailboxes. But they cannot have access to any other module - backup, cron, SSL, DB etc. I don't want to let them manage this, but I have to be able to do that.

So if I, as superadmin, created a DB for user, but this user will have disabled acces to DB module, will ISPM5 generating errors during backups?

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