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RacoonCityHost 11-14-2016 09:38 AM

How to add new users on a different cluster node
ISPmanage Business 5.81.0-2016.11.08_06:16
Centos 7.2.

I have just purchased the second node and added to ISPmanager. How can I redirect all new users to node2? I mean, I want all new users to be created there.

ksenya 11-15-2016 04:20 AM


There are two ways to do that:

1. In the Policy module you can set rules
2. In the Cluster nodes module you can select a node and block it with the corresponding button. After this, new users won't be created on the selected node

RacoonCityHost 11-16-2016 07:58 AM

Ok, and do I need to add that new node to Processing modules in Billmanager?

ksenya 11-17-2016 04:16 AM

No, you don't need to add a new node there. You need to add only the main panel when you configure the integration for the first time

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