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otts 10-04-2018 04:23 PM

Let's encrypt autorenewal issue

i hope this the right section for my answer :D

i have VMmanager KVM 5.156.0 and i have setted up control panel access (https) using let's encrypt certificate (i followed ispdoc for this task) and all is working right (certificate is valid, vmmanager creates a crontab, etc. apart from that considering i also enabled vnc for using https i had to manually copy certificate file to vnc folder in order to make it work.
Btw after 3 months my certificate expires and when go to vmmanager https link i got the error.
For now using delete certficate and recreate new (using same ip and domain) is working as workaround but i expected that if let's encrypt is supported when i create a new certificate then it will be renewed automatically before certificate expiration date and the same way for vnc https cert (or each 3 month i need to copy manually the new certificate??)

PS: i'm using standard ihttp and 1500 port for template and 443 only https (Forbid http connection) and create certificate only for 443 port

Thanks for someone for the help

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