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victor 03-15-2012 08:15 PM

SSL Certificates

Have a few installs of ISPManager, 3 Pro & 1 Lite, and trying to get Secure Certificates installed on two of them, 1 Pro & 1 Lite.

Have searched the forums and web for instructions on setup and they vary in their steps and references of the control panel menus.

Details of the two installs I am trying to get Certificates working on :

Lite Install
Under "Root" -> "License" -> "Current Version" : ISPmanager-Lite 4.4.3
Under "Root" -> "Updates" -> "Current Version" : ISPmanager-Lite 4.4.3
Under "Root" -> "Updates" -> "Latest Version" : (Automatic Update : ticked)

Pro Install
Under "Root" -> "License" -> "Current Version" : ISPmanager-Pro
Under "Root" -> "Updates" -> "Current Version" : ISPmanager-Pro
Under "Root" -> "Updates" -> "Latest Version" : (Automatic Update : ticked)

In the Lite install I do not have "Root" -> "Management Tools" -> "SSL Certificates" as in the Pro but do have "User" -> "Enter" -> "World Wide Web" -> "SSL Certificates" on both Lite and Pro.

I didnt think there would be a difference regarding this :

I may be missing some update of config in the system in order to show in the Lite version, if anyone can point me in the right direction to get this enabled in the root view.

Noticed from the changelog that "SSL Certificates : Fixed the bug that caused creation of Wildcard certificates to fail." is in 4.4.3

I am trying to install wilcard certs on both above installs and have enabled SSL for the user when settings them up on both.

Any info on if the "SSL Certificates" is actually needed under root login menu (as dont have it on Lite) is appreciated as going to try a few different steps to get both up with SSL certs.



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