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apryan 07-21-2004 06:29 AM

Sendmail integration
I love the panel but I would like to see some of the following things done before I decided to purchase it and actually use it:

1) Sendmail usage over qmail
2) Ability to install programs yourself -- the install script basically says "ill do the install for you". Well what if we're some anal unix admin and don't want it to install it for us? Can we have a choice to install ourselves?
3) Is this control panel "anal" in turns of 'not allowing local updates'. ie: will this panel need to be restarted in order for changes done in a unix environment to be updated, or does it auto update any changes made? For one, I hate plesk because it needs to be shut down before any changes can be manualy added to say Bind or apache. Does this panel act like that? I hope not.

If you guys can send an email to me with the responce, -anthonymd at

apryan 07-21-2004 06:32 AM

One more thing. Is the control panel "encrypted" so changes to the code can't be made? Are changes to the panel authorized as long as we own the license?

How are license checks performed -- does the machine have to be connected to the internet in order to send out a query to your server to check on valid license?

alain 08-08-2004 03:58 AM

1. we working for integrate our control panel with qmail
2. of cource you can install our software self
3. we checks all configs and reload it if any maual changes made.

4. you can't make changes in binary, but you can extend it by changing configs. you can add any 3dparty software to main menu, write own modules, handle events, make new language or theme.

5. license copyed to local disk during instalation.

flaviocu 09-27-2004 01:27 PM

disable the mail part completly

we want to disable the mail part completly in ispmanager (we already run our virtual email solution - happily so far ;), is this possible, and if yes, how? We think of building our own module to administer our mail solution. it is based on qmail + vpopmail, or are your efforts going into this direction?

thank you


Igor 09-28-2004 06:22 AM

yes, we try to make solution based on qmail + vmpop-3d, but have some trouble. and will be happy if someone helps us to make good solution.

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