View Full Version : Introducing Vepp a new control panel for website and server management

09-18-2019, 05:56 AM

Introducing Vepp — a new control panel for website and server management

Vepp is an absolutely new product for website and server management. The main feature of Vepp is customer care. We have created it for those who don’t have administration skills but want to manage a WordPress website. Later, we will add features for professionals and developers.

Features and plans
You can read more about the concept, plans, and prices in our large preview. Now we will briefly describe only 4 important facts about Vepp. It performs the following operations:

Creates a website from the WordPress template in three clicks.
Allows purchasing domains right in the control panel.
Installs a free SSL certificate, configures mail, and makes backups.
Informs about problems with the website and advises how to solve them.

And this only the beginning. In the third quarter of 2019, we will add an antivirus, website statistics, and external storages for backups.

We will launch a special version of Vepp for shared hosting providers. We are also planning to add advanced features for experienced users.

Attention! Information for owners of ISPmanager 5 – please note that now Vepp cannot perform all the operations supported by ISPmanager. Currently, Vepp can only be used by those users who need to manage their website without deep knowledge in administration. We support ISPmanager 5 and issue security updates. That’s why you can continue using the panel as before.

More information: https://www.ispsystem.com/news/hello-vepp