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07-29-2015, 02:14 PM

I would like to add new column to one of the vemgr tables. I redefined list and added new column (mountpoint).

<metadata name="vm.snapshot" type="list" key="id" keyname="name">
<toolbtn func="uh.snapshot" name="mount" img="t-snapshotdisk" type="editlist" level="user"/>
<col name="id" type="data" sort="digit" hidden="no"/>
<col name="guid" type="data" sort="digit" hidden="no"/>
<col name="name" type="data" sort="alpha"/>
<col name="date" type="data" sort="alpha" sorted="asc"/>
<col name="status" sort="prop">
<xprop name="usersnapshot" value="on" img="p-user"/>
<xprop name="usersnapshot" value="off" img="p-root"/>
<prop name="description" img="p-note"/>
<xprop name="memdump" value="on" img="p-attach"/>
<col name="mountpoint" type="data" sort="alpha"/>

In the corresponding plugin I defined output as follows:

elem = "<elem><id>2</id><guid>{267ddcf9-49f1-4f49-a5cb-9368b267b74e}</guid><name>test</name><date>10.06.2015</date><status></status><mountpoint>/mnt/date</mountpoint></elem>"

The contens is rendered, however it seems my output is missing something, as the functions are not working. Is there any way to check what is the original <elem> output to verify how it should look like?


08-05-2015, 09:26 AM

Plugin have to have type=xml. Then you need to change that xml and add your elem mountpoint.