View Full Version : BILLmanager 5 Standard is now available for testing

03-17-2015, 12:37 PM
We are happy to announce that all potential and existing users can participate in alpha testing of BILLmanager 5 Standard.

A new generation of the renowned billing solution from our company is based on our experience in developing and managing BILLmanager, and delivers a great number of new features for automating vast hosting business functions. A full list of differences between BILLmanager 4 and BILLmanager 5 can be found in our Documentation (http://en.5.ispdoc.com/index.php/BILLmanager_4_vs._BILLmanager_5:_functionality_com parision)

This version is not intended for production and can only be used for information and testing.

We neither offer any user manuals at this development stage nor provide technical support for this product. You may submit any bug reports via our Bugtrack system. (http://bugtrack.ispsystem.com/)

You may obtain a free version of BILLmanager that you can use for an unlimited period of time. This Free version comes with the following resource limitation: you can only create and manage up to 50 client accounts. The license will be activated automatically during installation. For more details please refer to the Installation Guide (http://en.5.ispdoc.com/index.php/BILLmanager_Installation_guide)

We highly appreciate all your suggestions on how we can better BILLmanager 5 and thank you for taking part in Alpha-testing!