View Full Version : Critical vulnerability found in products v5

09-03-2014, 03:19 AM
Maintaining security of your data is our top priority. ISPsystem together with RACK911 Labs (https://www.rack911labs.com), one of the most respected security firms in the hosting industry, performed a security audit of the ISPsystem software products and found a number of security vulnerabilities. We have released the bug fixes and recommend that you upgrade to the following version of the software products:

- ISPmanager - stable 5.17.8 or beta 5.18.6
- VMmanager - stable 5.17.11 or beta 5.18.7
- VEmanager - stable 5.17.10 or beta 5.18.6
- DCImanager - stable 5.17.8 or beta 5.18.5
- DNSmanager - stable 5.17.8 or beta 5.18.5
- IPmanager stable 5.17.8 or beta 5.18.5
- COREmanager - stable 5.17.9 or beta 5.18.6

If you have any difficulties with updating your software, our technical support staff will be happy to help you (see the Terms and Conditions (http://ispsystem.com/en/support/new_terms_and_conditions) for details).

Be advised that our technical specialists are ready to facilitate upgrading to the versions above, as well as find and resolve possible problems on your server. Terms and prices are discussed individually.

We kindly ask our partners to send this news to their clients.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@ispsystem.com